Greetings to All Friends of Midlands Center Family Council,

Spring is here!  It is a beautiful time of year and hopefully you are enjoying the longer days.

Midlands Center Family Council had a wonderful meeting on March 7.  Along with a number of guests, we were privileged to hear Karen Crider speak on the SC Able Program.  The ABLE Act ensures individuals with disabilities and their families have access to the same kinds of savings tools that are available to the broader population.  Visit for more information and details.

Spring planting will soon take place as well as having beautiful spring flags flying over each residence.  We appreciate all the help from the grounds folks with getting everything ready for our planting day.  Watch Facebook and the website for the exact date and time for planting.  We would love for you to join us.

We will have a representative present at the March 21 meeting of the DDSN Commission Meeting.  It is great to have the support of DDSN for our regional centers as all types of support are needed for our loved ones who live with lifelong challenges.

It will soon be May Fest time at Midlands Center.  Family Council will sponsor the annual picnic lunch on May 3.  The menu will be hot dogs with all the trimmings, baked beans, cole slaw, soft drinks, water and an array of yummy desserts.  Everyone on campus looks forward to this day filled with music, games, laughter, horse rides, and delicious picnic food.

May 7 is “Midlands Gives”.  Midlands Center Family Council welcomes your online donation during the 18 hours giving day from 6:00 am to 12:00 midnight.  The minimum donation is $20.  Please consider logging on to and participating in giving.  Our Family Council makes a difference in the quality of life our consumers experience as we are able to provide many extras which bring happiness. Funds raised through Midlands Gives will allow Midlands Center Family Council to continue providing opportunities for individuals living at Midlands Center to do things many of us take for granted. This includes eating out, attending concerts, attending the fair, providing clothing, helping fund travel for parents to visit, and many other experiences. We also support those who give such loving care to our family members by providing special staff appreciation events. Your entire contribution goes directly to MCFC and is tax deductible.  Thank you!

I have recently had the opportunity to observe first hand for an extended period of time how our Midlands Center staff interact with our loved ones.  My thanks for genuine loving care go to each of you who work tirelessly each day.  I know I speak for many families when I say, “a heartfelt, thank you!”

We have MCFC donation boxes in several local establishments.  If you know of a business that we might contact to see if we could put a box with them, please let me know.  We appreciate support that is given to MCFC through the boxes. 

We all continue to mourn the loss of our friend Paul Sexton who served as MCFC Vice President for many years.  We love you, Paul.

Until next time…

Mary Barbara Ruschkofski

MCFC President