It is with great sadness that on February 5, 2019, we announced the passing of our beloved friend, Vice President of Midlands Center Family Council, and former Plant Operations Manager of the Midlands Regional Center, Mr. Paul Sexton. Everyone relied on Paul to provide us with the resources, knowledge and support of all of the Midland Center Family Council projects and events. We will miss his quick wit and his earnest love of the residents of the Midlands Regional Center. 

It is with great sadness

The Midlands CenterFamily Council recently purchased new flags for each building. These flags will be flying at the front of each building soon. Each building also had their bulletin boards updated. Pictures to follow. 

 The washer/dryer project is almost complete.  Cedar now sports a commercial washer and dryer that will be used to wash large bedspreads, etc.  A group of consumers will be working to collect, wash, and return items to each residence.  We are all super excited to have this convenience at the Midlands Center. The appliances were funded by the Midlands Center Family Council.